Five Wildest Foods to Try Abroad

You see, some people do not understand why I love travelling so much. It is partially because of the new places that I visit, and partially because of the adventure. However, there is some form of adventure that I dread myself; food adventure.

By food adventure, I mean the wildest food that you expect a human to eat. For starters, let me tell you where I first met this hair-raising act. I was in China and hunger was getting the better of me. So, I went into a restaurant and took a look at the menu. A particular dish called “Bird’s Nest Soup” caught my eye. I asked a waiter about it, and, to be brief, it was just that; soup made from birds’ nests! I ate French fries and ran off.

If you think that was gross, here are five more crazy and very weird foods served across the world.

  1. Balut

The Philippines start us off. They make balut from duck eggs. However, unlike you, they wait for the embryo to develop and then boil the eggs. At the table, they consume everything inside the shell including the visible beak, wings and feet! It is served alongside vinegar, garlic and chili.

  1. Fried Brain Sandwich

The wonders are in Central America, too. This food is just like its name suggests: fried brains used to make a sandwich. Luckily, though, they are cow, and not human brains. Some people have no problem eating it. However, it is banned in some places due to mad cow disease.

  1. Sannakji

If you think the above foods are wild, then Sannakji will take you overboard. This is a South Korean delicacy that consists of a live octopus. This means they eat it raw, tearing bit after bit off the wriggling creature! The only accompaniment is Sesame oil. In some cases, the tentacles cause death by attaching themselves in the eater’s throat. Damn!

  1. Fugu

This is a weird meal served in Japan. It is a fish, but a very dangerous one to humans. The meal is made from the Putterfish, which is said to possess poison that can kill 30 adults! Why they eat it, I have no idea. The cooks who make Fugu are trained for years before they go commercial.

  1. Casu Marzu

Just when I thought Italy was safer! It is a little comforting to learn that the Italians make Casu Marzu from sheep’s milk. It is a cheese. Not your typical cheese, though. This unimaginable meal consists of live maggots in their thousands inside! The cheese is made then flies are allowed to lay eggs on it.

Let me find some place to throw up. I will be back soon!