My Favorite Countries on the Planet for Dating

Dear traveler, when you recall your last date, do you cringe and shudder? Do you smile? Well, if the latter is not the case, do not worry. Dating and psychological experts say that dating is one of the most uncomfortable things a human undergoes. One reason you may not be enjoying your dates is being in the wrong place.

According to a recent study, it was found out that some cities (or places) support dating than others. This is due to factors such as culture, infrastructure, local activities and so on. Luckily for you, I have prepared a list of some 4 cities in the world where dating is known to be easy and fun. Read on before planning your next travel destination!

  1. Tokyo, Japan

I know Tokyo for its amazing food and festivals, but, hey! I recently learn that dating can be fun there, too. If you are the type that prefers to know your partner well before taking things to the intimate level, consider Tokyo. In this city, there is a form of ancient dating known as Gokon, that is, group blind dating. People meet and discuss their interests and physical intimacy is denied on the first few encounters.


  1. Sydney, Australia

I’ve been here, and, to be honest, the people here love being single! This is advantageous because almost every young person you meet is likely to be single. The other thing I learnt about them is that they are very happy once they find dates like watching a travel movie together. Therefore, expect a loyal and appreciative partner when you pluck an Aussie!


  1. London, UK

If you love the sexiest accent in the world, the British accent, head to London. London features in this list because if you prefer a partner that is creative, London might have them ready for you. Both men and women prefer artists and designers. Therefore, if you are lucky to belong in any of these fields, you are in the higher bracket of finding a soul mate or being found in this great city.


  1. Austin, USA

In Austin, if you love technology, it might help you find a perfect date. The people here date mainly through the web. Second, they are very polite and uphold good manners. In short, to win a date, depict high levels of manners and be computer-conscious. The presence of amazing outdoor places and abundant restaurants works to your advantage.


Please note that this list is neither exhaustive nor conclusive. You can date from anywhere, just that these areas have been proven to be more supportive regarding dating.