The Top 5 Wildest Travel Films

Travelling is a hobby that I admire so much. One reason I love it is because even when not travelling physically, I can travel mentally. Sounds weird, right? Let me explain; I can sit under the stars and ‘travel’ to the night skies. My favorite alternative, and one which you can do either during the day or at night, is watching travel movies.

The top travel movies take you to places you have never been to. In my case, if the place is real, I make as much effort as I can to tour them. In fact, a quarter of my destinations so far have been inspired by good travel films. Here are 5 travel movies that you might consider watching to enjoy the same feeling I did!

  1. The Beach

This is a film about Richard, a young man who goes to visit Thailand. While there, he finds an old map that is said to lead to a place of tropical bliss with a beach paradise. He is excited about his find and goes to find it. The adventure he brings up is just amazing.


  1. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

This Mitty guy and I have a common aspect: we live as dreamers. However, he is luckier than I because in this movie, his dreams materialize. After being fired from work, he journeys around the world, making the most intriguing [imaginative] movie ever!


  1. Into the Wild

This is a film based on a true story; the life of Christopher McCandless. The film takes you to the heart of the contemporary life in America. McCandless sets out to pursue happiness in Alaska and leaves his previous life behind. Watch what he does in Alaska.


  1. Life of Pi

I have never figured out what the director of this film was thinking when he made it. Pi, a sailor, finds himself stranded in the deep seas with some animals. Much of the movie is about him surviving on his boat with a hungry tiger! If this movie does not empower your survival instincts, nothing ever will.

  1. Bucket List

Sadly, I only promised you five movies! My last one on the list could change your life, leave alone inspire your destinations. Two patients with terminal cancer decide to spend their last days touring the world. They enjoy the best side of life they never knew existed before. Well, I was inspired to travel and enjoy life all I can before something pushes me to do so.


Enjoy your travel viewing, won’t you?