A Few Nifty Ways to Make Money Whilst You Travel

Most of us dream about traveling abroad and seeing the elegant beauty that this world has to offer but cannot afford to be without work for long enough to really experience it. Those of us who have yet to make our fortune or receive a massive inheritance from an estranged relative can only dream about traveling the world. However, there is another option; working whilst being a tourist in foreign countries. Thankfully, there are many ways to make enough money to make the dream of traveling a reality. A few nifty ways to make money while traveling will be discussed in this article.

Freelance writing

With the abundance of freelance copywriting work available on the internet today, it is possible to make a healthy living from your computer. Since the work is all done through the internet and money transfer services such as PayPal allow people to withdraw money from anywhere in the world, it is a viable work option while traveling to far off countries. All you need is a computer and internet connection. A laptop coupled with an international internet roaming plan is ideal but not required. Many countries have internet caf├ęs that one can work from. Of course, it would be best to secure a writing gig before heading off to your first country.

Stock trading and investment


Almost all stock trading and investment is done online at websites such as CMC Markets these days. With an internet connection and computer or mobile device, a person is able to keep up-to-date with the world of investing and trading on a real-time basis. An important thing to note is that a person does not have to be rich to become a stock trader or investor; small amounts of money and the right investments can turn into enough to be able to sustain someone whilst they travel. This type of work can be done from anywhere with a reliable internet connection.

Au pair

If you have a way with kids and love taking care of them, becoming an au pair may be a viable option to making money whilst traveling. It may require that you stay in one location for longer periods as an au pair generally stays with a particular family in order to care for the child or children full-time. It does mean that as a caretaker, you have a place to stay and the opportunity to experience more of what family life is like in the particular country.

Work in the tour/hospitality industry


If you are looking to make money whilst traveling, working within the tour or hospitality industry might be ideal for you. As someone working within the tour industry, you would be exposed to all of the favourite destinations a country has to offer. It would also grow your appreciation of the areas visited as you would have to learn about its history.

Another option is to work in the hospitality industry as part of a cruise ship or at a resort. Both of these options require long hours and hard work but for some people, it can be the ideal solution. Working within the tourist industry will ultimately give you heaps of fantastic memories and money in your pocket.

Become a blogger

Creating a traveling blog to document all of your excursions in foreign countries can be an excellent way to earn money whilst seeing the world. The money is not made from blogging itself but more from the ad revenue that visitors produce. While this money is not usually enough alone, your blog can open doors to sponsored blogging where you get paid to visit a particular place and write about it. You can also be paid to write about various products and services that your readers might be interested in.



Numerous people have made a fortune from creating their own videos and posting it on their YouTube channel. A simple video about someone or something amazing you have seen on your travels can generate many views. You make your money from the ads that are seen by viewers. The amount of interesting places and people that you could find on your journeys can make for perfect content to put onto your channel.

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