Starting A Side Courier Business On Shiply

Christmas is a harsh time for our wallets and can often leave us strapped for cash in the new year. To help combat your cash flow problem this January why not consider setting up your own courier business on the side?

This can be done in your spare time and won’t affect your full-time job. It just means you forgoing some of your spare time. If you have a clean driving license, a vehicle going to waste and an outgoing personality then it’s time to cash in on these by signing up to Shiply.

But first you need to decide what type of service you are going to offer, whether it is going to be parcel's you are delivering or heavier items such as furniture etc. (this will depend on the size of your vehicle). He bigger the load then the higher your earning potential will be. And then give your courier business a suitable name.

Start Up Costs

Next, create a budget for your start-up expenses. You will need to get a second phone for potential clients to reach you on. You will also need to ensure that you have adequate insurance to cover the value of goods you will be transporting and of course you will need regular auto insurance. It’s a good idea to use the same insurance company for both as you can negotiate a good deal (but make sure to shop around and bargain where possible).



When you have, your company named and insured you can then sign up to It is free to sign up and you will only be charged when you have secured work. It is easy to search for side loads in your local area or wider if you prefer. You will also find a range of different deliveries on here from transporting animals to parcels, furniture and pianos etc.

Customers list their delivery requirements and you choose the ones you can service. Then you need to bid for them in a reverse style auction format (this gives you a good indication of prices customers expect and what they are willing to pay).

You can also build up your reputation as customers will leave you feedback like eBay, the more positive feedback you have the more it will help you win extra deliveries.

If you are using Shiply there is no excuse to have an empty van or car boot.



If you want to expand your business even further, then create yourself a website and social media pages. Get friends and family members to spread the word. When the money starts rolling in get yourself business cards and put adverts in your local newspaper. You can also consider branding your van or car.

The most important thing to do is give excellent customer service and build up a reputation that will spread free of charge by happy customers. Happy customers are mostly like to use you again and recommended you to their friends and family.

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