Ride-Sharing Limos Hit Beijing

The ride-sharing model has exploded all over the globe, and it’s no wonder why it’s so popular. It’s an excellently designed business model that benefits consumers and service providers alike.

There is now, thankfully, a company that specializes in offering the same class of service with limousines, with a few special tweaks relevant to that particular type of service. They are called Blacklane, and are now proudly offering service in 250 plus cities from one end of the earth to the other, including Beijing.

What does Blacklane do that’s different from other ride-share companies? The main thing is, obviously, the vetting process for drivers and vehicles is much more strict. Blacklane goes to great lengths to ensure that the drivers operate with the highest degree of professionalism, and that the vehicles are up to standard in every possible way shape and form. Blacklane also offers industry-specific perks to its rides as well, for example, there is a free hour long wait time built in to every airport pick up and drop off you schedule with Blacklane.


These are the two main big issues in play as far as international travel goes as well: the quality of the drivers and the quality of the vehicles. When you are in another country outside of your home base, you can never really tell what you are going to get. Sometimes rules and standards are even in place but not properly enforced. Beijing drivers are famous for being sometimes very overly-aggressive and sometimes not obeying sensible traffic regulations. Not a problem with Blacklane! This alone is probably the best reason to consider a limo for your transportation needs.

The most important trips you will make in Beijing are definitely those that are to and from the airport, it is by far the best level of service. Have you ever called a taxi for the airport just to frustratingly find out that all your luggage doesn’t fit when the vehicle arrives? Never a problem in a limo!

If you are in Beijing on business, nothing says power and success like being pulled up to your important meetings in a first-class limo. This can give you “face” which often translates to better terms for your deals, or even just sealing the deal in the first place. In Chinese culture this absolutely can not be underestimated.

So, consider Blacklane as an alternative, an excellent one, to more traditional and possibly problematic methods of getting around Beijing the next time you are in town. Or if you reside there, use that limo dropoff to impress at meetings.