How to Become a Green Door West Member

Green Door West is an online medical marijuana collective that makes it easy for patients to get the medicine they need. We offer easy sign-up to be a Green Door West member, and we provide medical marijuana delivery in West Los Angeles and most of Los Angeles County.


Become a Green Door West Member


The first step in becoming a Green Door West member is filling out the registration form on our website or our mobile app. After you go through the process of registering, you can become a Green Door West member and have access to our premium vegan and organic medical marijuana. Of course, you will need to have a doctors’ recommendation first in order to be a member of our collective, so we will ask you for your recommendation information when you register.


Getting Your Doctors’ Recommendation


If you don’t already have a doctors’ recommendation for medical cannabis, Green Door West can help you with that. Before you register to become a member of our collective, you can click on a link on our website or app to connect with a doctor. You will be assigned to a physician who can assess your medical situation and offer a recommendation, which is then emailed to you. But, you have access to our medical marijuana collective and our cannabis delivery service immediately after your recommendation is approved.


Filling Out Our Registration Form


When you register to become a Green Door West Member, we will ask you for some personal information (which always stays secured). You will need to give us your name, phone number, email address, physical address, medical recommendation information, and any other pertinent information you think we should know. After we process your registration form, we look forward to welcoming you into our collective so you can get cannabis delivery directly to your home.