Shopping While Travelling

Those of us who travel a lot definitely appreciate the benefits the lifestyle has to offer. There’s nothing like the digital nomad lifestyle, and nobody who does it regrets it. However, this kind of lifestyle presents some unique challenges. And one of them is definitely shopping, which becomes a lot more complicated for the constant traveller.

The biggest issue is to keep it light. One is often tempted to try and bring the kitchen sink with one wherever one may go. This is the first big newbie mistake for world travellers. If you are serious about this lifestyle and want to live it 100% you need to prioritize. Look on your bags as a minor form of purgatory, because that’s exactly what they are.

Some of us maybe set things up so that we rotate around several key locations worldwide, and we stash some of our belongings in each of these locations. This can be done either by renting cheap storage space, having a friend generously keep some of our stuff in some corner of their living space, or having a room or even a small apartment waiting for us when we get there, stocked with clothes etc. The main advantage to this sort of an arrangement is that you can often even fly without checked baggage, which eliminates the purgatory element of international flights almost entirely. The disadvantage of this kind of an arrangement is that it can tend to limit your scope, sometimes severely. Also, those kind of arrangements can possibly go bad on you while you are halfway across the world.


Regardless of how you choose to deal with this particular issue, you need to be resourceful and organized about it. Part of this entails deciding on a nucleus of items you ABSOLUTELY have to travel with, items that probably can’t be simply bought locally wherever you may be going. And, similar to the above, you need to learn to look efficiently  for attractive deals wherever you may be on Earth.

The time is going to come where you have to buy something you weren’t previously planning on buying, either to replace something that was lost/stolen/broken/worn out etc or for whatever other reason. You need to be able to do things like Find coupons for stylish shoes on Tata CLIQ or find a reasonable replacement for that favorite hair care product you bought off of the street from some hippie in a public square in the middle of Bogota.

Ultimately it’s up to you to be savvy enough to overcome the hurdles and pull the digital nomad lifestyle off successfully. You have to use your creativity, inventiveness and resourcefulness to be able to live the lifestyle you want while minimizing the risks and downsides.