Why Should Businesses Choose Desktop Virtualization Services?

Desktop-as-a-Service is gaining such popularity that statistics peg the value of the desktop outsourcing market at $30 billion. This figure is poised to grow, with more and more businesses realizing the advantages of virtual desktop infrastructure as well as other managed IT services.

Houston is home to some of the best IT consulting services, such as those offered by Cloudspace USA, a provider of managed IT services in Houston TX. Such IT outsourcing companies offer multiple benefits, especially for small and medium businesses, given that desktop management becomes easier, while hardware needs are reduced and mobility is increased. It is a great option for businesses looking to simplify their IT infrastructure and cut down on technology related costs.

What is Desktop Virtualization?

Managed IT services providers, such as those in Houston, take charge of hosting and managing all the computers that your business uses, including storage, access infrastructure, applications and more. In fact, they offer to customize their services to your specific business needs, while giving you the flexibility to scale up as your business grows, without you having to make additional and significant IT investments. In short, all your back end needs are taken care of without you having to hire and pay for expert professionals in-house, while taking charge of ensuring the security of your devices.

Advantages of Desktop Virtualization

·         Cost Saving

The biggest advantage for a small business is the cash that is freed up and can then be used to grow the business. Maintaining computer infrastructure in-house is an expensive and high-maintenance proposition. However, with an IT consulting services company, such as those in Houston, offering you not only the maintenance but also regular upgrades, while reusing hardware to optimize servers, computers, etc., you can cut down on your IT budget.

·         Better Security

The third party service provider is responsible for providing your business secure remote connections. In addition, while physical machines are always vulnerable to malicious attacks and theft, you cannot hack, steal or even lose a virtual desktop. With desktop virtualization services, your sensitive data is also stored in a secure manner, within a complaint cloud platform that also offers scalability. So, even if the physical laptop is stolen, your data will never be compromised. In addition, the service provider ensures regular backups to ensure data protection.

·         Increased Mobility

Mobility is key to building a modern, global business. With desktop virtualization offering compatibility with a wide variety of laptops, desktops and even smartphones, your employees can access data and work from anywhere and at any time. In addition, with 24/7 managed IT services, providers in Houston allow you to work across time zones with ease.

·         Enhanced Performance

A virtual desktop ensures minimal downtime, thereby increasing the efficiency and productivity of your IT infrastructure. There is always backup for power supply, internet connectivity and much more, such that these desktops can access multiple servers to give you maximum uptime. In addition, the servers can be customized for various performance features that might be required by your business.

The bottom line is that an IT consultancy services company, like Houston based Cloudspace USA, can help your business not only survive but grow in this world of cutthroat competition.