5 Weird Careers You Would Never Think Exist

It turns out that there are more bizarre ways to make a career in this world than first thought. Believe me. From the wonderful and disturbing to the just plain weird, there are some surprising means to earn money these days. This look into a few of the seemingly impossible jobs will range from the stuff of dreams to the downright disgusting but remember that no matter what you think of the professions, someone somewhere is out doing them! 

1. Tea Taster

Yes, this is a job! Tasters of various produce can be found more and more nowadays, although tea tasting is still a rarity, mostly because it is a very skilled job. A tea taster will tell you that the role is prestigious and requires lots of training. It is not just an excuse to sit around drinking tea all day. People who hold the title of professional tea taster can be involved in other tea-related work too, such as tea buying, so they do not spend their whole working life sipping tea.

2. Poker Player

Becoming a professional poker player is something that is becoming slightly more common at the moment. Gambling games like poker are increasingly common at live casinos but also online on websites like 888poker, meaning anyone can play a Sit & Go tournament when they have the chance. Although poker pros may have started off playing for fun, to get to a high level, they spend their time studying as well as playing, learning the intricacies of their craft, and competing both in worldwide tournaments and cash games. 

3. Embalmer

Perhaps one of the weirdest and most depressing jobs out there. Preparing dead bodies so that they are preserved until a funeral and burial or cremation. Whilst it may sound like something out of a horror movie, with some creepy guy talking to the dead, embalmers actually have to be highly knowledgeable on a variety of scientific practices relating to chemistry, biology, and the anatomy. I should think it also takes a lot of bravery; not everyone would have the courage to inject chemicals into a corpse, especially if it is one of a child or traumatic death.  

4. Professional Bridesmaid 

Choosing to hire a complete stranger to be your second pair of hands on your wedding day seems a bit odd. The world of professional bridesmaids makes more sense when you find out about what they actually do. It isn’t just the case of the bride not having any friends or not knowing who to choose, although that can come into it. A professional bridesmaid is a bit more like a wedding planner in retrospect. Services can range from organising hen dos and RSVPs and giving advice on wedding-related situations to a stressed bride-to-be. That actually sounds quite handy! 

5. Cool Hunter

Saving the coolest until last. No pun intended. Seriously though, a cool hunter sounds pretty awesome. Spending your days searching for the latest cool new products and reporting back to the office seems like a good way to enjoy your working life. 

I think it's safe to say these careers are weird in their own right. Do you agree?