6 Places In Blackpool For Your Next Work Away Day

With more and more companies focusing on giving back to their employees and rewarding them for their hard work, building up team rapport and just generally giving them some down time, away days or team days are rising in popularity. If paintballing and group sessions are becoming a bit stale, visit Blackpool to give your employees a day to remember.

  1. The Blackpool Tower Dungeon

This is one to get the staff talking, isn’t it?! Having a dungeon as your venue is sure to create immense excitement and curiosity, and The Blackpool Tower Dungeon always delivers on the quirky-factor. The Blackpool Tower Dungeon brings together an amazing cast of theatrical actors, special effects, stages, scenes and a ride in a truly unique and exciting walkthrough experience that you see, hear, touch, smell and feel. It’s hilariously terrifying fun. Settle into a team chatter in the Dark Alley or discuss product development in the Hangman’s Tavern - it really is not to be missed.

  1. The Blackpool Tower Ballroom

The Blackpool Tower Ballroom demands a “wow” when anyone enters the room. Not only is it truly stunning, but it’s steeped in history and glamour. Whether it’s a team night out, awards night or team-building activities space you’re looking for, the ballroom gives you all that and more. With numerous bars, a stage and various formats for layout, this is definitely one to remember.

  1. SEA LIFE Blackpool

Ever fancied sharing a drink with a shark, or creating company plans with an audience of seahorses? Well now you can! SEA LIFE Blackpool is available for private hire, and we can’t imagine anywhere better to enthuse and excite your staff.

  1. The Beach

If budget is a problem, there’s a whole stretch of beach just waiting for your team to call work for the day. Take your problem solving tasks outside of the office, get some fresh air and remember what’s important in life.

  1. The Blackpool Tower Circus

Seating an impressive 1,300 people, the legendary circus arena is a one-of-a-kind venue, offering lighting, special effects, sound options and a bandstand. Not to mention the transforming sinking floor. You can host your event from the performance ring itself, or treat your employees to a private circus show - whichever you prefer!

  1. The Blackpool Tower Eye

Situated 380ft above the world below, The Blackpool Tower Eye includes a 4D cinema experience, a glass viewing platform and plenty of room to mingle and mix. A corporate dinner would be well suited here, as well as team pre-drinks before a celebratory night out.