How much money could you save by quitting smoking?

When you first start smoking it’s natural to not really worry about the overall cost of your habit. People start smoking for various reasons and everyone has their own list of pros and cons when they take their first steps up to the counter to ask for their first packet of smokes. What might not be at the forefront of their mind, however, is the overall cost this habit.

Smoking attracts all kinds of media headlines with new studies showing the dangers and new forms of legislation dictating when and where people can smoke. What doesn’t get discussed too often is the rising price of the habit as Government’s continue to increase taxes on such items as cigarettes. Just like the occasional price hikes on petrol, diesel and alcohol; cigarettes are frequently taxed and that means that smokers are hit hard.

In a time when money is tight for many of us, there are ways we can cut costs. Whether it’s finally cancelling the gym membership you just don’t seem to use, altering your mobile phone contract, cutting back on meals out with friends and family or reducing the number of cigarettes you smoke, there are ways to save money, especially when you put your details into the various cost calculators that are available online.

According to an NHS study, those who quit smoking can save up to £250 each month by stopping smoking, which equates to around £3,000 a year. For someone on a salary of around £25,000 or less (which relates to a large proportion of the UK adult population) that is a substantial saving over the course of the year.

Imagine what you might do with an extra £3,000 in your pocket? For some, that’s a credit card completely paid off, for others it’s a family holiday that they may otherwise be unable to go on. Of course, giving up smoking doesn’t guarantee you’ll be £3,000 better off financially but it can certainly help.

You don’t even have to completely kick the habit if you don’t want to. Electronic cigarettes have become a popular and viable alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes. These small handheld devices can fit easily inside your bag or pocket, and the flavoured e-liquids can be inserted and replaced as and when required. You have the opportunity to choose from thousands of flavours including sweets, fruits and other popular tastes which can also vary in terms of their nicotine content.

Olly Warburton, Director of Ecigwizard explains, “For many, swapping the traditional cigarettes for an electronic vaping device is the first step to them quitting completely. Lolly Vape Co. E-Liquid, which you can find here, has proven popular as it offers various nicotine strengths, allowing the user to slowly cut down and eventually stop.”

Furthermore, ecigs have proven to be far cheaper to use across a year than traditional cigarettes. The e-liquids last far longer than a typical packet of 20 cigarettes, which some smokers get through in a day – or less – and this means that you’re making fewer trips to the shops and parting with far less money while still having control over your smoking (or should we say vaping) habits.