The Science of the Male Orgasm

How often have we heard that human beings are the only species that has sex for the pleasure of it, rather than only to procreate? Yes, the climax can be an intensely pleasurable experience, which leaves you wanting more. However, the experience and the bodily reactions differ for men and women, when it comes to orgasms.

Testosterone, which is a hormone produced by the male testicles, plays a very important role in determining the strength of a man's desire for sex or his libido. It is this strong sexual desire that kickstarts the process that leads to an orgasm. Those with low testosterone levels tend to have low libido, and might also face difficulties with obtaining and sustaining an erection, making it difficult to reach an orgasm. This is where male enhancer supplements can help. According to the Rexavar reviews on Men’s Health Digest, these pills not only maximize the size and quality of the erection but also improve libido and stamina, all of which can be of huge help in experiencing intense orgasms.

How Does an Orgasm Occur?

During sex, the couple should optimally first sexually stimulate each other through foreplay before moving on to penetrative sex. This allows the genitals to get lubricated and ready for painless penetration. Once you are in the act of stimulating each other, the brain sends signal to the sex organs via the spinal cord, which leads to an erection. In men, during an erection, the spongy tissue inside the shaft of the penis gets filled with blood, which leads to their hardening. Following this, the male body can take anywhere between 20 seconds to 2 minutes to prepare itself for an orgasm. During this time, the man's heart rate, blood pressure and muscle tension increases, which leads to rapid breathing.

During the orgasm, the penis ejaculates semen in a series of rapid-fire contractions of the penile muscles, after reaching a "point of no return." Immediate messages of pleasure are sent to the brain due to these muscle contractions, which makes the orgasm feel pleasurable.

If you are thinking whether there is any difference between the male and female orgasm, you should know that orgasms in both sexes are characterized by physically identical contractions of the pelvic floor muscles, a release of endorphins and hormones, and intense pleasurable sensations as a result. However, men and women perceive the orgasm differently on an emotional level. It is due to this fact that expectations from the act differ between the two, as do needs and behaviors, which can lead to the difference in how they orgasm.

How Does it Feel Like to a Man?

Although male orgasms tend to be shorter than those experienced by women, a man has the capability of having multiple orgasms. Moreover, not all the orgasms need be ejaculatory.

During an orgasm, the man's penis gets hardened and warm, and the man almost feels as if it is going to explode! This buildup can be fast or slow, depending on the situation. It becomes a mysterious situation, where the man feels both in control and out of control. He can feel all his tactile senses rushing to a single point of exit. When he's having an orgasm, his whole body and mind numbs and the man can feel completely tired after that. Many men have confessed that when having an orgasm, they feel like they have actually transcended in to a different plane and this feeling makes them most vulnerable.

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