How To Tour In Europe On A Budget

Europe is one of the travel destinations for tourists, travel bloggers and backpackers. There are too many things to do in Europe, places to discover and culture to discover while staying on a budget.

If you’re eyeing for Europe as your next travel destination, it’s not impossible to explore and yet save time and money while you tour. Check out the tips that could help you save and enjoy your trip without worrying about your budget:

  1. Look for budget accommodations in Europe.

There are several options for budget travelers, who want to explore Europe that include:

Luxury Hostels

One popular option in travel these days is called Luxury Hostels. These are designer hotels that are made to provide unique experiences to guests. They have custom built pod beds and ensuite rooms that are designed with posh amenities, including cinema, sauna and swimming pools.  You can download an app for a free guide to find luxury hostels in Europe.

There are so many hostels around Europe that are made to suit the requirements of different travelers. You can choose a private room if you’re not comfortable sharing rooms with others.

Airbnb, Overnight &

You can locate hostels, hotels or backpackers accommodations through Airbnb. The site provides a wide range of places to stay that are economical if you’re traveling on a budget. Aside from Airbnb, you can also find affordable, but decent rooms and homes for rent at Overnight and

Camping in Europe

If you want a different experience from the ordinary and you want to save your cash, then camping is a great choice. There are plenty of camp site in Europe, even in the cities. They offer kitchen for you to cook, and bathrooms.

  1. Find budget transport in Europe.

Traveling through train is the cheapest way to explore Europe if you want to save on Euros. You need to purchase a rail pass based on your travel requirements. There is a travel pass that allows you to travel anywhere in Europe and there is also a single country pass. Before your tour, make sure to research on your transportation route and to get the ideal itinerary to save more.

Budget Airlines

You should find the cheapest deals in airlines offering flights to Europe. There is EasyJet and RyanAir that offers affordable flights. You can book in advanced to get the lowest flight ticket prices.

Tourist Passes

There are a lot of cities in Europe that provides tourist passes for travelers.  On top of that, you can enjoy a free public transport system that allows you to see so many attractions and destinations.  There is the London Pass and Paris Pass that includes a hop-on-off bus tour and entry to over 60 attractions, Omnia Vatican and Rome Pass, Copenhagen Card and a lot more.

Flixbus’s Interflix Euro Bus Pass

Another popular and affordable way to see the sights and cities around Europe is to buy an Interflix pass for only $119 (€99.00).  With just one ticket, you can explore five cities  from all over 1,200 places in 24 European countries. You can enjoy free Wi-Fi and ample space for your baggages.

  1. Find affordable foods in Europe.

Prepare your own food.

If you’re staying in a hostel or campsite, check if they are providing a cooking facility so you can cook your own food. It’s one sure way to save on Euros while traveling because buying foods can consume a lot of your budget.

Street foods.

Food stalls are very common in European cities. These stalls and food carts offer affordable foods that would give travelers a taste of what the city has to offer.

Dine like a local.

Restaurants in tourist destinations are very expensive. The only way you can save if you want to try local foods is to find restaurants where most locals dine. Explore and take a walk to discover these restaurants and cafes.

Michelle Grin is an expat living in Thailand. She is a travel blogger and writer, and enjoys traveling around the world. She has visited more than 20 countries and still counting. Also Check blog here about health and wellness.