Woman Are Attracted to Introvert Men. Why?

His name was Charlie. I came to know this after two months of having sat with him in the same MBA class. He was such an introvert that even the guy sitting next to him didn’t know much about him. But why was it that I couldn’t help but stare and admire this quiet, confident, pensive and mysterious person, who flaunted a chiseled jawline and perfectly cut body, even when I had never heard him speak or seen him crack a smile?

This is a common experience in almost any kind of environment. Girls easily fall prey to guys who are introverts. Living loud, tossing out jokes and being the center of attention at gatherings are things that introverts have no connection with. In fact, introverts are often recognized by their shyness in all situations of life.

However, Scientific America contradicted this and mentioned introversion to be the preference for less stimulation, unlike shyness, which is often associated with the fear of negative judgment. The experts at Leading Male Enhancement, in their Androzene reviews, stated that women find the super laid-back attitude of introverted men sexually attractive. They also stated that men are actively buying Androzene to increase sexual stamina and enhance performance, which makes them feel even more self-assured, and brings a calmness in their behavior, which a woman finds desirable.

Mysterious Nature is Attractive

It is interesting to see how the anxiety to know what the other person might be thinking about you can leave you even more anxious. It is for this reason that introverts are able to attract more people than even they might realize, unlike extroverts who are like an open book, and after a point, people lose interest in turning the pages.

Introvert men live in their own world, which is full of intriguing thoughts and feelings, which is what attracts the woman, who is curious to know what lies behind that quiet exterior. However, since they can’t know it directly from the person, their curiosity keeps on growing and so does their interest in the man.

Ability for Deeper Conversations

It is not that introvert men do not have the ability to talk at all. But when they do, no man can compete with them in terms of the depth of the conversations these men can have, which helps them build even deeper connections with the woman.

Introvert men believe in not wasting their energy on issues that simply do not require their attention. In fact, these people are really good listeners, which is a quality that almost every woman on this planet can’t resist. Their incredible listening abilities makes such them the best dates.

Introverts are Self Aware

After spending quite some time with an introvert, you’ll realize that these individuals strictly follow their own values, beliefs and personal preferences, and know their tendencies, which are not affected by any passing comment or individual.

Their extreme depth brings them close to their mind, its feelings and desires. Due to their intuitive nature, these men prove to be extremely good in bed too, since they listen to their body and their heart, while also knowing what their lady love desires.

And to further enhance their performance, they take the help of natural male enhancement pills that are proven to increase sexual stamina and performance. For instance, Androzene review state that being formulated with natural ingredients, these pills do not lead to harmful side-effects, as long as the user sticks to the recommended dosage.