Important Tips for Planning a Relaxing Vacation by Train

The comfort and freedom that one experiences while travelling by train is unmatched. You don’t have to worry about directions and traffic like on a road trip. You don’t have to wait in the long security lines or squeeze yourself in a cramped coach seat on an aeroplane. In addition, train travel allows you to see a country’s nooks and crannies even before the holiday starts!

However, with a little planning, a vacation by train can become even more relaxing. Here are a few important tips that you should keep in mind for a stress-free holiday on wheels:

Know Where You Want to Go

As a traveller, you must know that there are regular trains and then there are special trains. Regular trains would help you to meet all your intercity and intra-city travel needs. On the other hand, special trains offer unique travel experiences where the rail journey is a part of the holiday package. For instance, The Trans Siberian winter wonderland is an amazing rail journey that starts from Moscow. It is the longest rail line that would take you through eight time-zones! Therefore, you should select the trains according to your trip.

Know Your Route

To avoid last-minute stress, you should research well before you set out on a rail trip and plan your journey depending on the accessibility of trains. For instance, for a weeklong Europe trip, select places that follow a straight path between two points (Prague to Vienna to Budapest would be ideal and not Prague to Budapest to Vienna). Jot down the train arrival & departure time and the average travel time to make the most of your holiday.

Book Train Tickets in Advance

The last thing one would want during a relaxing vacation is to worry about train reservations. Therefore, books your tickets in advance and invest in a rail pass, if you plan to actively explore the city/country. You should know the fares since ticket prices vary according to age and seating section. Children under the age of 11 can travel for free, while young travellers under the age of 27 and senior citizens over the age of 60 can take advantage of the special discounts.

Book Hotel Accommodations Wisely

As you would be getting on and off trains quite often, it is a good idea to book a hotel which is located near the railway station. This would help you save time and get some more rest.

Flexible Itinerary

Being fixated on a pre-decided travel itinerary could sometimes lead to stress. Therefore, be a little flexible and accommodate new places, activities and things on your itinerary to enjoy the real freedom of train travel.