Is Vaping Really Safer Than Smoking?

Many people these days are wondering if vaping is really safer than smoking traditional cigarettes. We would like to answer that question with a resounding YES!

Vape Is Not E-Cigarettes

Firstly, let’s be clear about one very important thing. Proper vape kits are not the same thing as the cheaper (and dirtier) e-cigarettes available alongside regular cigarettes at your corner store or gas station. We are talking about the former here, not the latter. The differences are many, but the principal difference is in the e-liquid. For purposes of this article, we will be talking about vaping with a normal tobacco e-juice. Just for reference, it should be noted that a lot of people do choose to vape with nicotine-less e-liquids, or liquids with very little nicotine in them.

Why Is Vaping Safer?

First of all, the most obvious reason why vaping is safer is that with vaping, second-hand smoke is not an issue. The vapor has no staying power, goes away quickly, and leaves no odor or residue of any sort. Someone could be vaping several feet away from you and if you aren’t looking you may not even notice! And even if someone is vaping right on top of you, everybody with a brain has to admit that the odor of a nice vape juice is far superior to the noxious odor of a cigarette.

But that’s not even the main issue here. Let’s analyze whether vaping is healthier for the actual consuming user than cigarettes are.

Ingredients Tell The Story

Unless you are buying cheap bootleg juices, you are generally buying good quality hand-crafted juices. The overwhelming majority of vapers go for the high quality, and in fact this is largely what the market has on offer; you’d have to make a significant effort just to find an inferior vape juice.

So what’s in a good vape juice? Usually four things only, assuming that the juice does contain (pharmaceutical grade) nicotine. Besides this nicotine, you will find three other things: the actual flavor or flavors of the vape juice, propylene glycol (NOT ethylene glycol which sometimes CAN be found in e-cigs), and vegetable glycerin, which is completely inert and non-toxic and used as a base for the other ingredients.

Compare and contrast that with the toxic soup of up to 4000+ ingredients to be found in your typical store-bought cigarette, and we think the answer is more than clear which is better to put in your body on a regular basis.

To make one final point: vape users tend to use juices with less nicotine than the amount of nicotine one would get from a cigarette, and more importantly, they tend to use juices with less and less nicotine over time. When you factor that bit of data in, the health advantages of vaping become even more apparent.