How To Avoid A Semi-Truck Accident

No list about this subject can be comprehensive, as these accidents are often unpredictable and do not follow any guidelines. Truck drivers are sometimes under the influence of drugs or alcohol, driving on not enough sleep and can be distracted by the radio or cell phones.

But in general, here’s some tips for avoiding these potentially devastating accidents:

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5 Safety Tips For Avoiding Semi-Truck Accidents

Don’t allow a semi-truck to tailgate: If a trucker is being aggressive and tailgating you, it could put you at risk. If you can safely do so, change lanes and allow the semi-truck to pass you, as staying one spot ahead isn’t worth the fight. This is particularly important because semi-trucks, also called big rigs, 18-wheelers or a commercial truck, take up to 40 percent longer to stop than a passenger vehicle. If you must stop suddenly and a truck is tailgating you, it could be catastrophic.

Give turning trucks enough room: This applies to when trucks are driving on non-highway roads. Trucks turn much wider than passenger cars, and being aggressive and trying to pass a turning truck can be deadly. While it may look like you have an opening, you could quickly run out of roadway if a semi-truck is turning.

Avoid blind spots: Semi-trucks have blind spots much larger than passenger cars. These blind spots are on both sides of the truck, as well as directly in front and behind it. The general rule of thumb is if you are driving and not able to see the trucker’s side view mirrors, the trucker can’t see you. If you’re in these danger spots, the odds of an accident increase.

Pass with care: When passing a semi-truck on the highway, don’t move over into its lane until you are more than a safe distance in front of the truck. Taking precaution and making sure you’re well in front is a good idea. As stated above, trucks have blind spots in front and take much longer to stop