Making the Most of Your Christmas Lights

Christmas lights can be expensive, especially for something that only gets used for 1 or 2 months out of the year. However, there are many other uses for your Christmas lights meaning that you will be able to use them all year round and get the most out of these lights making them a very efficient and cost-effective purchase.

For example, LED Blossom Trees are a great example of a Christmas decoration that could be used all year round. Although classed as a Christmas decoration there are many blossom trees which are not over-the-top festive and would, therefore, look great in any room or garden as an extra lamp/light. If you don’t have much outdoor lighting but enjoy eating outdoors, a blossom tree can be a unique way to light up your garden and will look incredibly pretty outdoors, blending in with your existing trees or shrubbery. Plus, the LED lights are extremely energy efficient and incredibly cheap to run so you will not mind having this set up every day.

Other LED lights such as string lights and cluster lights can also be used throughout the year, not just at Christmas time. You don’t have to use these lights just on your Christmas tree, so you can get creative and make the most of these lights. Perhaps, wrap these lights around your stairway or bannister and create a stunning glow to guide you up the stairs of an evening. Or a popular current trend is to have lights around your bed frame, this can make a neat alternative to having your main light on and create a much cosier glow. Again, being LED lights, they are energy efficient and cost little to run.

The huge benefit of LED lights is how little they cost to run. A set of 200 lights for example costs just 1/14p to run for 1 hour so you could run this set for 10 hours and it would cost less than 1p. This means that if you want to use your lights specifically for Christmas purposes you can still get the most of them by being early to put your decorations up in November and still not paying excessive charges.

Another great idea for Christmas lights is specific to battery operated lights. Battery operated Christmas lights can be used throughout the year although you may have to replace the batteries regularly. A very on-trend use for these battery lights is to place them inside an old jam jar or a vase, creating a stylish lantern that would look great on any windowsill, dining table or cupboard top.

Christmas projector lights have become more and more popular over the years, projecting festive patterns on the side of your house or inside halls for Christmas parties. If you pick your projector carefully you will be able to re-use this projector for birthdays or family parties all year round. Some projectors can project unique patterns that look great across your wall, and are not limited to Christmas patterns. Instead, they project stunning colour sequences and flashing lights which are not limited to Christmas use.