Tips on How to Enjoy Eating Out Without Destroying Your Diet

Restaurants are tricky for people on a strict diet. While you want to partake in food that you didn’t have to cook yourself, you’re probably wary of the exact calorie counts of every dish. You could always get a salad or some other small appetizer, but that defeats the purpose of going out to eat in the first place. Thankfully, this is a dilemma with a series of useful solutions, all thanks to Stage Deli Restaurant. The following tips will help determine what to eat without wrecking your diet the next time you find yourself in a restaurant.

Keep an Eye on Serving Size

The servings in restaurants are much larger than normal. When you eat at home, you can pay close attention to portion size, since you’re the one assembling the meal. In restaurants, you don’t have this control. Most of these places serve you huge portion sizes in order to ensure that you get your money’s worth. The best solution is to either be prepared to take some of your meal home with you or split an entrée with a friend. If you can, just get an appetizer as your main meal, as these tend to be smaller in size.

Don’t Eat The Bread

The bread is sometimes the most tempting part of any restaurant meal. The goal of restaurateurs is to ensure that you leave their establishment full and satisfied. The bread that comes out before your meal is an important part of that. However, it causes you to fill up on empty calories. Most of the breads served are devoid of nutrients. Avoid the bread and stick to eating your entrée or appetizer.

Only Drink Water

Most of the beverages in restaurants are filled with calories and sugar. These places are more than happy to serve you a glass of soda that comes with free refills. Although alcoholic beverages don’t come with these refills, they do contain quite a few calories as well. The best solution here involves ordering a glass of water. You’ll save money and won’t have to worry about getting full before your meal comes.

Ask For A Doggie Bag

We already mentioned this, but it needs to be reiterated. Don’t be afraid to ask for a box or container to take your leftovers home. You can always have them for lunch the next day. Restaurants will be more than happy to give you one of those Styrofoam takeout containers. You don’t have to clean your plate while you’re in the restaurant.

Take the Skin and Fat Off Of Your Meat

The final way to eat out without destroying your diet involves taking the skin and fat off of your meat. These sections contain plenty of calories and can derail your diet fairly quickly. There’s nothing wrong with dissecting your food before you eat it, so don’t feel ashamed. The people working at Stage Deli Restaurant and others in your area will understand.