The Career Benefits of Working Abroad

Moving abroad for your career is a major upheaval, and particularly if you have a family. To take your children to another country in order to pursue your career may seem like a scary prospect, but there are many benefits that come with working abroad.

Of course, there are lots of practical considerations to bear in mind when you move to work abroad. For instance, if you are taking your family with you, then it is important to consider the education prospects for your children. People in this situation will have to do a lot of research, whether it is finding the right Hong Kong school or getting to grips with how the education system in their new country works. However, as long as you go into the move with your eyes open, there are many positives to be drawn from working abroad.

Personal development

You may still be working for the same company in a foreign location, or within the same industry, but the upheaval of moving to another country will certainly push you out of your comfort zone. Sure, it will be daunting, but by changing your surroundings, you will make personal growth and development possible. You will be in a new environment where you will be faced with the challenge of making friends, learning a new language and culture, and adapting to different work practices. This won’t fail to have a dramatic effect on you as an individual, widening your experience and increasing your strength of character.

Find your ideal job

By being prepared to move abroad, you could find it easier to take up your ideal job role or enter your industry of choice. Most people would not consider applying for an overseas job, so if you are able to make that commitment, then you will have a major advantage when it comes to taking up a position that you prefer, rather than sticking with your current role.

Proof of commitment

Nothing demonstrates commitment to a job more than being prepared to move your whole family to a new location. Making such a significant move will underline to the company that you work for, as well as to your new peers, that you are completely committed.

New opportunities

If you are prepared to take the step of moving abroad to work, then it will usually enable you to access fresh career opportunities. As part of relocating to another country, you will inevitably be introduced to new social networks and new work colleagues, and this could open the door to career advancement. The fact that you were prepared to move abroad to further your career will also be in your favor, as this will demonstrate commitment and resilience to recruiters.


It can be easy to get stuck in a rut, so moving abroad for work is a great way to break out of your habits and develop new skills. Living abroad, you will be able to learn more about the world and about yourself. It is, to an extent, a leap of faith, but one that is worth taking and that can lead to significant benefits for you, your career and your family.