Increase Your Mental Focus with These Tips

The human attention span has drastically diminished, and a study by Microsoft proves just that. Their findings stated that the average human has the attention span of eight seconds as the brain continually seeks out for new things to keep it engaged. This diminished ability to focus is thanks to the digital age where several things are vying for our attention, from that pop-up ad of a Cell Phone Repairs Toronto shop, to a photo your grandmother tagged you on Facebook.

An aspect to be aware of is that, just like exercises, we can train and focus our minds. The more we work at it, the better we become at focusing. You might find this aspect of encouraging especially if you need to get work done and your productivity levels are wanting. So, it is not that you have some levels of ADHD; you just need a bit of practice to get your mind in the game. Let’s now get into the tips and tricks to increase your mental focus.

Get your brain ready

As with any undertaking, how you prepare is the difference between success and failure. It is no different from the brain. How that looks like is actively making your mind aware that you’re about to get into a session of focus. That means taking a minute or so to get into the right posture, taking a few breaths and then getting to work.


Getting your brain ready puts you in a position focus on a single task. If there is a serious email to write, curve out time to do just that without letting anything distract you. That requires planning well in advance the work day and the task that need conquering within a designated period without allowing distractions. You may need to turn off notifications or ask your colleagues not to interrupt you unless it’s absolutely necessity.

Take short breaks

After a slot of intense focus, a break will help you refresh and rest your mind for the next task. There are various suggestions as to how long one should focus for before taking a break. Some advocate for 50 minutes and then have a 10-minute break for three to four sessions before making a longer perhaps two-hour break. Others suggest 90 minutes. You can start with shorter times, and as you increase your mental focus, you can take breaks after an extended period. This approach helps to refresh your mind, especially when undertaking intensive tasks.