Why you should believe the hype of minimalist living

Complaining about the economy and continue $4.65 on a Caffe Mocha at your favorite coffee house every day of the week. The minimalist lifestyle carries a variety of connotations depending on who you ask. One person will call it being cheap while another will cite Mark Zuckerberg as being minimalistic. Whichever way you view it, the benefits are obvious; you spend less than you otherwise would have on any given day. If you take coffee five times a week, at the end of the month, that’s $93 at the end of the month.

From that brief math practice, it becomes quite evident that little things accumulate. We all want to live a conformable lifestyle but maintaining certain luxuries piles up quite fast. At the end of five years, a person would have spent over $5,000 even if we put into account on days they don’t take coffee. Whatever your example is, swap it with ours. What could you do with that type of money? For one it could be a holiday, another would be paying off credit card debts or even finding a divorce lawyer near me. If you’ve heard about minimalistic living, there’s hype around it for a reason.

The curse of the consumerism

There are plenty of resources available in the digital sphere and on paper that highlight the importance of making the switch and even how to do it. As you go onto that path of making the change, there’s one thing we’d like to impart in you. Our grandparents always talk about the “good old simple days” and with good reason. There was less to stress about. If you have a car, a mortgage, an active social life, office and client meetings, phone payments, utility bills, credit card bills, groceries, monthly shopping, etc. there is a lot more for the modern human to worry about.

There’s a blessing to the abundant choices available to us, but with it comes the curse of always having to keep up. The idea that nearly every season we have to shop for new more trendy clothes is an indication of the consumerist society that we live it. We don’t quite need these things; it would just be ideal to look in style.

Why take the path?

There is a beauty in simplicity that leaves to with room to explore things that matter. If you’re working extra hard to pay for your upkeep, consider making a few cuts to your budget. You will eventually find that you have to work less, and have more time to spend time with those you hold dear and even travel. Minimalism makes you shift from material things to the intangible things in life that transform your life.