Is it Possible to Stay Focused When Using Windows 10?

How many tabs do you have open currently? Are you trying hard not to touch your phone but your Windows 10 application seems to make all that impossible? Though attractive at first, all those graphics and animations are quite distracting elements on your screen. It doesn't therefore, come as a surprise to notice that you hardly get through your to-do list despite the positivity and the fact that all the pending tasks are simple.

If you have been questioning whether or not Windows 10 is to blame, your instincts are accurate. The best bit is that there is a way around all those distractions. Keep reading to identify little, yet effective strategies that will keep you focused.

Use the Focus Assist Feature

Whether you've heard about this update before or you just learned about it, it is the one tool you must use if you want to reduce your distractions and the heightened stress levels as the deadline looms. This feature will prevent notifications from popping up when you are busy getting work done.

A feature previously called Quiet Hours, Focus lets you customize the experience and by setting specific and automatic rules, you will automatically get to select the specific times that you don't want to be disturbed. You can enable or disable the feature by going to the Settings tab where you get to select between the Off feature, priority only and alarms only.

Disable animations and notifications

You could disable or reduce the animations on Windows 10 by going to the settings tab, then select Ease of Access tab, and then click the Display tab. Here, you have the Simplify and Personalize Windows tab, click it to disable all animations. You can also change the transparency automatically, the brightness or the auto-hiding scrollbars. You could also use the Performance tab to adjust the appearance and the performance of Windows.  The Visual Effects tab has more options that you can easily disable.

The best bit about disabling animations and other visual elements is that your computer's processing speed will increase.

You should do the same with notifications. Disable them. An email relaying details of extra work, mistakes or even an email from a friend could easily throw you off your game. Go to the Settings and under the System settings, select notifications and actions then disable the notifications.

Use a basic wallpaper

Understandably, we want our PC to represent our personalities and even change after every hour. But, do you know that the wallpaper is not only distracting but also able to slow down the computer's speed? To speed things up and to keep your focus on the pending tasks, even on a long Monday afternoon, you must revert to the simpler times where wallpapers were simple monochromatic themes?

You see, seeing your sun-tanned picture from last year's vacation will only take your mind off work and getting back to the level of mental acuity you had achieved before the distraction is difficult. You can make the changes under the display/ background personalization feature. You get to pick your favorite color so, it is not a very big bargain.

Also, why not give grayscale mode a go? Instead of all those beautiful and attractive colors, you should try the grayscale mode because it is less distracting and once it grows on you, it will be the best color filter you have ever used.

Simplify your taskbar and start menu

At first, putting everything on the taskbar sounds like the best thing to do, but it is not. Clutter is the biggest enemy of productivity. You should, therefore unpin those extra programs from the taskbar and also reduce the number of pinned icons on the computer, only keeping what you need. If you don't need to be online when working, the browser icon should not be on the task bar or the start menu.

Make the best out of your music

You like listening to music while working, right? But, are you listening to productive music. You should have realized by now that listening to your favorite songs, while singing along to them makes you less productive, yes? But that does not mean that you should stop listening to music while working. Instead of your best songs, listen to gaming soundtracks, instrumental music or white noise. These will block out all the external noise and keep you focused.

Customize your browsing profile

While Chrome allows for the use of the one browser by multiple parties, you could create different profiles and have one that is specific to your work profile. The work profile ensures that your only focus is work and you will not be tempted to spend more than half the day on social media. See the silhouette at the upper-right corner of your Chrome browser? That is where you go to create a new profile. Under Manage People, just choose Add Person to create your new profile. This will improve your performance at Etobicoke Cell Repair, and your customers will be happier with fast service delivery.

The work profile is also important because it prevents you from seeing too many unnecessary bookmarks.

Dark and Light Modes

Brightness levels during the day and at night differ. At night, you will be more productive if you enable the night/ dark mode.

Make the most out of your Google Calendar

Your calendar lets you manage your working hours; you could deploy a time-blocking feature, send an out-of-office email, or even tell everyone that you are running late for a meeting.

It also features an appointment slot, templates for meeting minutes, and the best bit - you can access someone else's calendar.

Automatic Email Reminders

Can we all agree that our memories seem to go blank when we need to remember the most important things in life?  Well, how about bringing Cortana into your life and making the best out of the suggested tasks? All you need to do is to give Cortana access to your email, contacts, calendar, as well as your communication history. Next, you'll have to confirm that you have turned on the suggested tasks.